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The Microsoft Store in built into Windows 10, which has a lot of users; more than 600 million monthly active users in fact. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It took me somewhere for the questions I have.

Beyond that, the update brings no new features and bug fixes. iOS users, on the other hand, get bug fixes for issues related to “Planned List” filters, accessibility, and no new features. You can read the full official changelog below.

Set Up Your Teams Account

Many new app developers and those outside of mobile development incorrectly assume that 100% of the app’s cost goes to the developer. If you sell 1,000 copies of your app at $0.99 each, you’ll probably earn closer to $693 than $990. Every app store takes a cut of a developer’s sales. Find out how much of the earnings usually go to the app store and when you can expect a payment. The next-easiest method to uninstalling Microsoft Store apps is by doing it through your Windows Settings. Some applications, such as Microsoft Edge, don’t have the Uninstall button.

Luckily, each of them has a free version so you can try them all out Download Microsoft To Do APK for Android without opening your wallet. While many to-do list apps are cross-platform, takes that to the extreme. It’s available on Windows, iOS, Android, the web, and on smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can even use it to tick off to-dos on your smartwatch! It has an extensive list of features as well, though, for many of them, you’ll need a premium subscription. Microsoft To-Do is the spiritual successor to the popular Wunderlist.


YOU WERE SO CLOSE. For organization, Microsoft To-Do lets you make separate lists, but other than that, there’s no way to tailor the app to your current workflow. Cheaper than Todoist (for almost-equal functionality). TickTick positions itself as a direct competitor to Todoist. Another very good free app is Remember the Milk. It’s a little more old-school in some respects compared to the other apps on this list, but it’s very capable and reliable. You can figure out all the ins and outs of this app in minutes.

  • You candownload and install Microsoft To Do app on your Windows 10 PC from here, or you can click on the below link.
  • You can use the app for anything from editing images to creating your own memes and thanks to its relativelysimple user interface, the app is pretty great for beginners as well.
  • I have also noticed that there is a ton more junk and spam coming through.
  • As with Jack, the above proceedure did not result in the ‘broken’ account getting removed.
  • Ever since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has been trying to please tablet users by introducing touch-friendly universal apps, and Store, and new gestures.
  • Microsoft To-Do is already a buzz in the mobile application world.
  • You may run into the app when updating your Microsoft account settings or enabling two-factor authentication there.

From the popup menu, you can add it to or remove it from My Day. You can mark it as important or as completed. You can also change the due date, move it to a different list, or delete it .

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